Evergreen in NYC photographed by NYC-based photographer Jorge Menjivar

“the universe sometimes has a way of thinking that every thing is going right for you but then it throws a curve ball at you. this uncertainty and how you react to it shapes you as a person. embracing uncertainty will drive your creativity to new places just to overcome such spontaneous challenges. sabrina agreed to do a spontaneous reshoot after a roll was destroyed on short notice. the greatest city in the world is all we had for location, the rest came naturally. sabrina and i share a special connection which allows us to both work as one to make our visions a reality.”

The series is shot on analog film and scanned with a “NORITSU KOKI QSS 32_33” film scanner


Photographer: Jorge Menjivar
About Jorge: “The name’s Jorge Menjivar, born in Queens, New York and then moved to Long Island, I’ve returned to my roots to pursue my passion. Leaving university to follow my heart, pressing on luck to take me somewhere i’ve yet to experience. Photographing familiar faces, stellar places, horse races, and everything in between.”

Instagram: @jmenjii_
Portfolio: jorgemenjivar.tumblr.com

Model: Sabrina K.
Instagram: @sabr.i.na

All models are over 18 years old!